Smart Devices

Entering th enew Era of 5G, AI and IOT driving to evolve our daily life. In order to maximize value for our customers, we offer full-stack solutions encompassing algorithms, platform software, application software and smart hardware products. We offer AI-based solutions across two categories: IOT - Smart home and Smart Recognition and Monitoring Systems ( Infrared camera, LPR,...) .

IOT-Smart Home

Connect your entire house to Internet through WIFI, using Smart station then enjoy convenient IOT services through Smartphone or Control Center. Enjoy of full range of object in your home management to improve your daily life to a new height.
Use touch/voice/video/retina recognition/Digital finger or sensors system to control, protect, save initiate and organize whole family life.

Using AI we developed an integrated IOT in our AIOT ecosystem for each situation.
- For your Home Security, we integrated to your environment, Smart Door Lock, Smart Camera, Smart Sensors.
- For your Home Lighting, a panel of switches and lights are created to enjoy light of each space of your home.
- For your Home Climate, Radiator/Fan/Underfloor Thermostats are added to the home ecosystem.
- For you Home Green Life, Adapters and plugs for your Energy Savings.

Face Recognition and Monitoring

We provide a whole set, using tablet with included software or panels of different cameras ( TMZ...) with servers to control IDs, Faces even temperature up to 50.000 in laps of time. The system can be integrated in different areas ( Building, offices, Residences...) to protect your environment from intrusions, in case of pandemic...etc

License Plaque Recognition

We developed LPR technology in two aims :
- Parking Management : With the adequate software and hardware, the whole system allow management of parking in different zones. Connected to your surveillance system the set can controls all entrees and payments.
- Security : Identify all vehicle's infringement by using different solution of LPR. The fixed or embarked ones. The system allow you recognition in real time by connecting to your data base. Make your zones and cities safe.


Focusing on AI development, IOT and embarked technologies we helped creating new Ecosystem using new technologies of communication and protocols ( 5 G , WIFI, ZigBee, Zwave...). We may provide customers application software, AI integration, even cloud services. Our systems support public and private deployment.
We put security as our main concern we elevate its level into the bank level encryption for all data encryption and product communication.