Research & Development

Development, supply chain and process management becomes an overlapped process, which largely shrinks product development cycle and thereby presents a significant competitive advantage.

Our R&D team will contain supply chain representatives and manufacturing representatives at the beginning of project initiation. They will participate in the whole product development process till batch delivery, ensure accurate material selection and timely testing and verification, and determine supplier service terms and conditions. In addition, the manufacturing representatives will participate in evaluation in stages of product development, and ensure PCB pasting, assembly and testing processes to be implemented in an optimal way, so as to accelerate mass production process, cut down product manufacturing costs and elevate first pass yield of products in batches.

Product Appearance

With core competitive force in product planning, interactive design, appearance design and packaging design based on industrial design and product quality, our design center strives to elevate product competition through design, to give play to the linkage between research and development and manufacturing process, to improve product value

Product Mechanism and Mold Design

Scientific and systematic design procedure to reduce number of test models and test cost and effectively control mold development progress. Design Content (based on customer’s request): (1) Plastic mold DFM report (2) Plastic mold 2D assembly drawing (3) Plastic mold 2D part drawing comments (4) 3D structure model removal (5) Mold material list

Customized Circuit and Layout Dev.

We provide analog and digital circuit design service, and provide solid design and testing verification.
Input Design :
We provide EDA tools for design input, schematic diagram capture and HDL design/composition, as well as analog simulation tool, signal integrity and HDL validation.

Wireless Application Design

WiFi, Bluetooth and Zigbee are the core of IoT and intelligent hardware products.
We provide various wireless solutions for Household appliance, security, intelligent hardware and IoT suppliers, including wireless control, wireless music, video, data transmission, intelligent network access and technical applications based on Android/Linux/ARM architecture.

Software customization

Driver Development / System Support / Application Development
With complete development environment and excellent RD team, we will quickly respond customer demands, complete standard SDK development, standard Linux API development, and open-source GUI, App, server and cloud applications specified by customers.

Prototype Development

Technological integration makes it possible to quickly introduce products to the market with product design, material engineering, testing engineering and advanced manufacturing process.
Our quick prototype design services include : product structure design, equipment-side embedded software development, material assistance and support, and product environment testing etc.