Computer Devices

Our high level of system integration ability and innovative power supply technology enable us to develop various platforms and the latest operating system, in turn facilitating the design of high added value and highly efficient tablets, netbooks and laptops for the market. For special products with commercial or industrial applications, we are able to provide highly flexible design solutions to cater to unique specifications.


With multiple designs for multiples uses and functions, we develop different type of laptops,
- YOGA : for their agility. Existing sizes ( 11.6 "/ 13.3")
- Ultrabook : For their lightness and big battery. Existing sizes ( 13.3" / 14")
- Notebooks : Because all of us need a PC. Existing size 15.6".
With high specifications our laptops based on X86 platform integrate Microsoft Windows operating systems.
- For their lightness we also developed range of UMPC with Hybrid operating systems you can boot according to the use.
Our exceptional system development capability pushes the envelop of modular design to unleash the full performance of the computer.


Metal or rubber shell, slim, 2 in 1, 7 " to 11.6"..., we compile many designs for each use.
Integrating Microsoft Windows or Google Android system or Hybrid system, our R&D respond to all our customer's requests. With strong knowledge of different systems we adapt our tablets for commercial or industrial use. We developed different project for education, medical, IOT central control and different industry uses...We still evolving to satisfy all needs of whole needs of different fields reported to us by our customers.

SOC & Technology

ARM technology and X86 technology are complementary in our global offer for all computing and communication devices we develop.
We mainly focus on ARM ( Advanced RISC Machine) from RISC processors for embedded systems, for all our ANDROID mobile devices. Well-known architecture for its safety no place for potential problems but it is close platform that not allow all types of applications to be installed on.
X86 architecture, from CISC microprocessors, mainly produced by INTEL is used for fixe machines. X86 platform accept all kind of applications for more tasks and manage more data. We usually associated all chips using that technology with Microsoft operating systems ( Windows) and keeping technology evolved.