Smart Industry Application

We provide a design experience, R&D, produiction and od mobile terminal devices. And provider of products and services with high cost performance for global consumers using communication products.


Responding to various demands from different governments we provide a whole solution for education environment to share content, interact by simples teaching through education tablets devices which are customized with open applications or dedicated applications provided by the customer.


We dedicated special smart devices to medical use and research to improve science and medical experience and facilitate shares, experiences between various departments of medicine ( Scanning, Checking,...) .
Large collection of devices including Tablets, Smart device with scan module, various IOT can be used to provide medical experience improved to our customers. Hospital, private doctors or clinic are our main partners who trust our expertise.


Large collection of IOT provided by Far East Smart Technology to help you :
- Energy management and monitor
- Lighting and motion solutions
- Shading and privacy rooms
- Conference room reservation system


We developed a centralized system on mobiles devices to control smart devices in your room after
- Check-in code to turn on all devices
- Motion system automatically shut down lights and air-condition when get away
- Hotel management system on API

Smart City

Large collection of smart devices AI solutions and IOT for a real Smart City.
Our AIOT ecosystems help municipality to get in hands solutions to offer better life for their citizens.
- Facial detection and recognition cameras
- Shared wireless devices
- Server applications to centralize, store, monitor and follow each moment of collective place