Communication Devices

The communication is speed-up, becomes more fluid and opens the system for more variety of applications. The new generation of network offers more facilities to evolve existing technologies and expand our know-how and entering new era. At Far East Smart Technology, we develop many hardware and software solutions to support more and more the end user.


With strong and long R&D experience, including multifunction integration and performance enhancement such as platform optimization, touchscreen interface, recognition system, wireless communication...
We have more capacities to penetrate new markets and evolve our shares in the existing one thanks to our wholly understanding of market characteristics, customers needs, price positioning and end-user feedback. We also provide technical and marketing support to promote OEM/ODM products and own brands in various channels of many markets.

SOC & Platform Technology

We integrate different platform according to market characteristics and customer requirements. According to our experience we set policy by caring of targeted markets.
Based in the same area as Far East Smart Technology, we integrate :
- Mediatek solution used in various devices ( Tablets, smartphones....) and preconized in emerging and mature markets.
- UNISOC ( Spreadtrum ) allow us more access to SDK s making affordable devices.
- Qualcomm, high end range of devices is mainly based on Qualcomm solution.